A pure unscented gentle soap for sensitive skin of all ages.
When this soap is made, olive oil is warmed
& calendula is infused into it for 24 hours.
It is strained, & the same process is repeated the next day.
Our Calendula Oil soap is a creamy soap with tiny
yellow petals.Calendula has a widespread reputation for healing
& nourishing the skin.
Apart from the great anti-inflammatory properties, Calendula Oil also has good vulnerary properties (preventing tissue degeneration while arresting bleeding in wounds).Making it excellent help with stubborn wounds, ulcers, bedsores, varicose veins, bruises, rashes, acne & eczema.

Calendula Oil

  • No Animal Fats, Alcohol, Detergents, or Preservatives
    Hand-crafted vegetable soaps blended from
    pure food grade ingredients of the finest quality

    Soap Ingredients
    Coconut, Palm, Olive &
    Sunflower Oils, plus Shea Butter.
    Fragrance Or Essential Oils,
    Food Coloring If Tinted.