When will orders be shipped?
Within a week.Provided everything is in stock, orders are usually shipped USPS ground,3- 4 business days.
If item is not in stock you will be notified as soon as possible with the new shipping date.

How can we place an order:
You can use our on-line store to create an order and use our secure merchant service with your Credit Card.

MC,Visa, American Express, or Discover

If paying by check please contact us  at sapfe@outlook.com

Remember all sales except for Coffee and Tea are subject to 7% sales tax

How will I know that you received my order?
After you have submitted your order, you should receive a confirmation e-mail detailing your purchases.
If you do not receive a confirmation email,please contact us during regular business hours.

Do you send out backorders?
Unexpectedly a product may be unavailable.
We apologize for any inconvenience. We try to maintain our website by letting you know an item is out of stock. But if you
happen to order we will send you a time frame when you should receive the product. If thew time frame is not acceptable for the 

product not in stock we will credit your card for the product not in stock.

Can I change my order? I made a mistake!
If you have just placed an order and you need to ask some questions or make a change to that order,
please contact us as soon as possible at our e-mail address.  sapfe@outlook.com
The sooner you do this the easier it will be.

Breakage, Mistakes or Shortages
We do our very best to inspect our products before they are shipped. Your order is carefully packed and shipped from our store in good condition.
We double check your order and take every precaution to avoid mistakes. But, in the event we did make a mistake or your merchandise
was damaged in shipping, here's what you do;
If you believe the wrong item was sent or something is missing from your shipment please take a moment to examine the packing material.
Small items often get lost in the packing material. Also, carefully organize your items away from the box they arrived in.
Missing items often appear once you've done this. If, you still have the wrong item or missing items, please e-mail us immediately.
We will you get a replacement or credit right away.

In the event you receive something that is damaged in shipping you must retain the original shipping box,
call your local USPS office to request a damage inspection, then call our store and we'll replace your damage items.
All claims must be made within five days of your receipt of our merchandise.
Have a Suggestion?
......What other coffee, tea or items that would help you to relieve your stress would you like to see available on our site?
......How can we improve your shopping experience at Serenity "A Place For Everyone?"

Coffee does not require refrigeration, in fact its
not a good idea to store your coffee in the refrigerator because coffee absorbsflavors and aromas from other food products.
To keep your coffee fresh we recommend storing it in an airtight container or zip-lock bag. If you're not going to use
your supply of coffee within a month then you can store it in the freezer. If freezing is necessary, make sure to use an airtight
container or zip-lock bag. ( Do not store dark roasted coffee inthe freezer)
Serenity "A Place For Everyone" uses customer information only for fulfillment of order and direct contact with our customers.
We will never sell, lend, distribute or otherwise make available any customer information such as your name & address,
your e-mail address, the shipping address and credit card information to a third party. Depending upon the degree of such permission we may,on occasion, contact you with news of special offers, new products, or items of related interest. We will always remove your name and other information from our contact lists should you so request.